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I’d cast the same spell on him if I could do it.

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little bb henry from season one appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

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I stole a stolen car.

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What if we’ve all got this wrong?

What if the curse wasn’t actually a curse but a protection of sorts, to protect the Snowing baby and everyone else from Zelena’s plan? What if they are tied together. kinda like Cinderella, and as long as the curse is around, the baby can’t be born?

Because it’s almost been out right stated at this point that Zelena didn’t cast it.

In fact a curse is completely unnecessary and a hindrance to her plan if you think about it. She could have collected all of that,stuff as easily in EF as she did in Storybrooke. She already had Rumple, in EF Charming was in constant hero mode, and Regina’s heart would have been tricky but do-able. Even the baby would have been easy. Which is why the Storybrooke thing has always confused me, it was unnecessary from Zelena’s POV. 

It would also explain why Zelena was so insistent that Emma and Killian kiss. She wants the curse broken so she can get the kid. Remember that Walsh was sent after Emma to keep tabs on her, and to keep her away in general, 7 months before the the curse was cast. It may have taken Zelena a while, hello midwife, to figure out what they’d done and what she needed to do to counter act it. So she decided to go with the status quo and keep Emma away.

Now she wants it broken, but she can’t come out and say that because they think she cast it, and if they knew she wanted it broken; then they’d never actually break it. She she’s manipulating the situation to get them to do what she wants, all while they think they’re doing the opposite.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this week ended with a TLK between Emma and Killian, and then clipped to a shot of Snow going into labor. 

(this has been a random thought by nenny)

This is actually brilliant and makes a lot of sense. It would explain why Snow’s…just waiting to go into labor. Always seemed weird to me.


This would explain everything in Storybrooke’s storyline. All the puzzle pieces fit w/this thought. And, Snow does go into labor in 3x20 & the baby’s born. The forced TLK to break the curse really does make the most sense.


Just want to tag on, I rewatched the Jolly Roger and one thing seemed weird to me. Zelena said to Hook that Ariel found Eric “outside the force of the curse” and later Emma said in the loft, “The curse must not have reached that far.” I always thought this was weird because the first curse Regina had cast swept across the entire realm, the only spot that was untouched was the piece of land that Cora protected so she and Hook wouldn’t get sent to Storybrooke, which is the same spot where Mulan, Philip, and Aurora were and explains why, when Emma and Snow went back in Season 2, they were still there. I just think it’s odd that there is a section of land that is “protected” from the second curse — someone would have had to do that…unless, it wasn’t a curse that was cast, but like the OP thinks, a protection for baby Snowing


Hook: “If you could have killed her you would have. You need her power removed. It’s why you didn’t kill her when she came to the town. It’s why, you had a monkey look after her in New York, instead of killing her. For some reason, you can’t.” 

Zelena: “It no longer matters because you’re going to remove her powers.”

If Zelena “has spies everywhere,” then she knows that how Hook feels about Emma’s magic and subsequently, she knows that Hook would never want to take that away from the woman he loves. So she gives the ultimatum that basically forces him to have to kiss her. We’ve always joked about how Zelena “ships them” because she wants them to kiss so bad…well, what if that completely true? What if she is counting on them to kiss because they’re the only ones capable of breaking the curse since they’re the only ones who both have their real memories intact. Emma can’t TLK Henry, because TLK doesn’t work with memory loss, so their kiss wouldn’t break the “curse.” It would also explain why Robin and Regina’s kiss didn’t work either, because they’re both sans their real memories as well. Plus, if Zelena takes Emma’s magic before the curse is broken, Emma wouldn’t be able to use it to stop Zelena and we already know that Regina isn’t powerful enough on her own to defeat her sister. Essentially, it kills two birds with one stone: hinder the Savior and obtain the last ingredient to her spell, ensuring that Zelena does make it back in time to alter events.

OH. AND. At the end of the “Bleeding Through”

Charming: “Since our baby’s not born, she’s stuck, and we have what we need…time.”

Snow: “Just not very much of it.”

Also, for me, the way Snow had delivered that line made me think that she was going into labor, like the panicked look on her face was that her water had currently broken, but she wasn’t and it didn’t. Like Michelle said, she’s simply just waiting. 


Hook: “Almost harvest time and you can’t remember the planting.”

Another metaphor for waiting


I mean, at this point, this theory makes the most sense. We found Zelena’s motive: go back in time to kill Ava, but that doesn’t explain why she needs Hook and Emma to kiss so badly, this does. Bravo, peeps.




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